Get ready for Urbana 15 with the ‘Matthew Challenge’

By October 13, 2015
Urbana 15
(Photo courtesy Urbana 15 via Facebook)

(Photo courtesy Urbana 15 via Facebook)

USA (MNN) — For those wanting to get a head start for Urbana 15 or who just want to follow a devotional, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship just released the Matthew Challenge. The challenge is meant to spiritually prepare hearts for Urbana 15 since it’s the Scriptural base for this year’s Urbana as well as its Scriptural emphasis for the five days of Urbana 15.

But why the book of Matthew? Well, “Matthew motivates and empowers his audience to move beyond their own community and bring the gospel to the world…. The Gospel of Matthew is incredibly good news to those who are displaced, isolated, and vulnerable,” said Lindsay Olesberg, InterVarsity’s Scripture Engagement Director.

Especially in days like these, where Christians are being forced to flee their homes, Matthew is a very powerful tool to both the Christians fleeing and the Christians stepping up to act.

Courtesy Photo from InterVarsity Christian Fellowship via Facebook

(Photo courtesy InterVarsity Christian Fellowship via Facebook)

The Matthew Challenge is a free devotional meant to challenge those going to the Urbana conference in St. Louis, Missouri, this December. The challenge is to read the entire Gospel of Matthew by the start of Urbana 15.

The challenge is set up to take about 47 days, so it’s a little over half a chapter each day.

Then, each day readers are to respond to the word through social media by posting reflections, poems, pictures and videos– basically anything helping to engage personally in the Scripture.

To help get these thoughts and responses going, the plan provides three daily questions to help prompt readers. The questions are all about the same concepts to observe, interpret, and apply.

When posting, be sure to tag your post with #Urbana15 #MatthewChallenge. The tag helps others in the study to connect and get this “word-centric conversation” going prior to the event. On, where the plan is provided, there’s also a way for users to create a live event to stay connected in the study.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the Matthew Challenge today and get connected.

To learn more or register for Urbana 15, click here.

To learn more about the Matthew challenge, click here.

To register for the Matthew Challenge, click here.

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