Ghana’s church leaders look forward to training.

By February 26, 2004

Ghana (MNN)–Next, Ghana’s people are looking for support despite a wealth of local resources. One main problem is not knowing how tools can be maximized for growth.

This is especially true for the churches. That’s where the work of the Oasis International Training Centre comes in. The courses offered in their curriculum have been utilized for the past 50 years in institutions and learning centers throughout the United States.

Oasis International’s Ambrose Brennan says they’re seeing great response to ‘continuing education’ seminars for the church leaders in Ghana. “A lot of the churches are very big in evangelism, but sometimes not as thorough in following up in teaching and making disciples, so we’re really excited because we’re getting some pastors coming out to these seminars and we’re able to do some leadership training.”

Brennan says their ministry extends to more than spiritual training. He explains technology training helps outreach too. “We’ve been able to distribute some computers to some government officials and pastors and in this way it kinds of help them do some administrative things. It’s kind of a little sideline to what we’re doing, but we see how the whole computer movement is really helping the Gospel in Ghana.”

The Oasis of Love Church is a vibrant, active, Christian church whose goals and vision continue to expand with the ever-changing needs in society. As with many other churches, their goal is to reach those who are in need, physicall and spiritually.

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