Haiti continues to unravel; more missionaries leave.

By February 26, 2004

Haiti (MNN)–The formal rejection of an international peace plan in Haiti leads to warnings of a bloodbath as armed rebels seize another city.

Rebels now control at least half the country. They hold nearly all of northern Haiti, including the second-largest city of Cap Haitien.

Missionaries and aid workers continue their exodus out of Haiti this week. They join other Americans fleeing an uprising overwhelming the north.

While not fearing rebel targeting, there is concern over crossfire issues. Mission Aviation Fellowship’s Dennis Fulton says this rebellion is unlike the 1991 coup. “There’s no one taking over. It’s just becoming anarchy, and that’s what makes this one such a scary situation, is that as anarchy continues to spread throughout the country, there’s no rule of law, it’s just the whim of the mob. That’s what makes it difficult to try to realize where we should be and where we shouldn’t be.”
Fulton says instability forced their evacuation, and is disruptive to remaining ministries. “We’ve decided to move our dependents out, the women and children. We’ll be taking them out this week. We will remain in with our planes and pilots to continue to support missions and church groups that are still out there in the interior of the country that are still needing air support.”

The planes i nHaiti bring supplies, medicines, food, teachers, doctors, and pastors. Instead of days of travel over treacherous roads, a 20-minute flight transports missionaries, making their time and energies spent in the area more efficient.

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