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Published on 04 November, 2011

Girl tortured for her faith finally leaving hospital

Uganda (MNN) — After nearly a year in the hospital, 14-year-old Susan Ithungu has finally been released.

Ithungu was hospitalized after undergoing severe torture by her father. When he discovered his daughter had become a Christian, Ithungu's father locked her in a dark room for six months, according to Open Doors, USA.

Ithungu would not be alive were it not for her brother, who reportedly sustained her by slipping roasted bananas through a crack under the door. He poured water through the crack as well.

When Ithungu was finally rescued in October 2010, she was unable to walk or talk. According to Pastor Baluku from the Full Gospel Church, her black hair had turned yellow and she had long fingernails, sunken eyes and weighed around "3 stones," or 42 pounds.

After months of rehabilitation, Ithungu has now been released from the hospital, and doctors are optimistic that she will reach full recovery. For now, she still needs to use a wheelchair and crutches.

The young girl has not lost her faith amid this trial. Church members visited her frequently while she was in the hospital and prayed with her. They report that her faith has grown deeper, and that she loves praying and singing hymns.

Ithungu has not been returned to her father, who will have nothing more to do with her. Instead, a church member has agreed to take her in. The former-Muslim and divorced mother of four, Ms. Dreda, says the responsibility will be straining, but she is confident the Lord will provide.

Open Doors is helping to meet this need. The ministry has agreed to help take care of Ithungu's immediate needs, including food, clothing, toiletries and reading materials.

Open Doors has also launched a writing campaign where you can send Ithungu a letter of hope and encouragement. Learn more here.

Pray for Ithungu to make a full recovery. Pray that her story would draw others close to the Lord.

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