Girl’s killers may not receive justice

By May 14, 2009

Pakistan (MNN) — A family mourning the murder of their nine-year-old daughter is getting little help from officials in Pakistan.

Voice of the Martyrs Canada reports that Nisha Javid was walking near her home in the Punjab province in April when she was abducted. The gang who took her proceeded to rape her,
beat her and then leave her in a canal. Her body wasn't found until two days later.

While police were involved in the search for Javid, they have since stopped seeking to apprehend the perpetrators. Local Christians believe that the violent act was used as an intimidation tactic, noting that it took place the day before the Good Friday holiday.

In Pakistan, Christians get very little recognition in the legal system. Christian men's testimonies are worth half that of a Muslim man. It is less for women. Their testimony is considered worth just a quarter of that of a Muslim man.  This leaves women and young girls like Nisha Javid as targets for extremist
Muslim groups. Justice is often not received for rape cases.  

Javid is not the only child who has been targeted by anti-Christian groups. Recently, an 11-year-old boy was killed near his church in Pakistan. Voice of the Martyrs Canada has said that these groups aren't necessarily planning attacks. Sometimes, they kill Christians who simply seem to be in the way. 

Pray for the safety of Christian children in Pakistan. Pray that Javid's perpetrators will be brought to justice and that her
family will find strength in Christ.

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