Global Action brings help, hope to HIV-positive young women

By November 4, 2009

Africa (MNN) — In sub-Saharan Africa, 22 million people are HIV-positive. 33 million people suffer from HIV/AIDS worldwide, leaving Africa with two thirds of the world AIDS population. The pandemic only continues to worsen.

Because many contract AIDS due to a lack of education, Global Action is focusing on AIDS prevention through education, partnering with various groups to help as many as possible.

"We work primarily through the Pan Africa Christian Women's Alliance," says Global Action's Emily Voorhies. "They're really a grassroots movement of women leaders on the continent who are coming alongside churches, the medical community and schools, and helping to educate young girls, boys and women about how to prevent AIDS. We think this is a very strategic part of what we need to be doing there."

Global Action's AIDS prevention is focused mainly on young women, who now make up the greatest number of people living with HIV in Africa. Many of the young women are losing their jobs, dying or passing the disease on to their children. Voorhies says the best way to prevent this is by ensuring continued education.

"One of the things that the research has shown is that the more educated a girl is, the less likely she will be to contract HIV. In fact, girls who finish secondary education are five times less likely to contract the disease."

With this in mind, Global Action is working on education and distribution of medical supplies and nutritious meals for those affected by the disease. Above all, the goal is to bring them the love of Christ.

"Of course we're doing all of this so we can actually show what God's love looks like in a real way," says Voorhies. "I think for those who realize that they are not going to recover from AIDS, it's wonderful for them to have help for today but hope for eternity."

Global Action has seen many women give their lives to Christ as they watch the faith of believers in action. Pray for the believers in the 32 African countries Global Action reaches to have the strength and boldness to continue their important work.

You can help Global Action in their effort to prevent and eventually stop the HIV/AIDS pandemic by providing funds for a 10-month training program for affected women, which teaches them micro-enterprise skills so they can begin small businesses. To help these hurting women now, click here.

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