Global Advance takes unique approach to discipling the disciplers.

By January 29, 2007

International (MNN) — "We're working on borrowed time," Global
David Shibley says, as he explains why they're doubling the
pastoral training meetings in 2007.

Though there are limits to what can be done through a three-day Frontline
Shepherd's conference (FLSCs).  "What we have seen is that these
conferences become a catalyst for vision, for planting of new churches, for the
fulfilling of the Great Commission and especially for evangelizing and
discipling the unreached peoples in surrounding areas." 

pastors' conferences may emphasize family life, leadership development, or some
other subject. GAM may address these subjects, but they are not the theme or
purpose. FLSCs must always promote evangelism, discipleship and missions. They communicate
through both instruction and impartation by the Holy Spirit. Their teaching is
a mix of inspirational instruction and practical instruction in ministry skills.

At a FLSC, there
is always a call given to the delegates to publicly commit to spending daily
time with God and planting at least one new church within the next twelve

What then? Shibley says their approach to discipling pastors is
five-fold:  "Through ongoing printed material, the Lifebook;, which is our ongoing training through the Internet; our Global
Advance Centers, which hold Global Advance Institutes; the Warren Shibley
library in India; and then, literally, hundreds of sets of our 100-hour
bilingual training virtual institutes."

The Lifebook is a 52-week topical manual geared towards Christian leaders in
the developing world. It's translated into multiple languages and given
away to pastoral and ministry leaders throughout the world.

The virtual institutes provide a "fast-track" of practical
teachings for the discipleship and development of leaders around the world. 100
hours of training on Video CD and DVD in native languages are given to key
church leaders for the purposes of training others.

It's all geared toward encouraging the church to reach its full missions
potential for the global harvest.  Click
here if you want more information.

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