Global help needed as Ukraine refugees flood Europe

By March 14, 2022

Ukraine (MNN) — The United Nations calls for more international support as refugees from Ukraine flood Eastern Europe.

The Russian invasion forced over two million people to flee Ukraine in the past two weeks, including TransWorld Radio staff.

“It was a whole odyssey and journey to get there (across the border). The car broke down along the way. It was really dramatic circumstances, but they managed to cross the border into a safe country in Eastern Europe,” TWR Europe’s Frank Stephenson says.

“[Their safe arrival] is a big praise item, in the midst of countless people that are on the move and trying to find safety.”

Scenes of Ukrainian refugee coordination.
(Photo, caption courtesy of TWR)

Believers with vulnerable family members fled while they could. Others stayed behind to help those in need. “One contact is involved in coordinating relief efforts. Another colleague is helping to get other people to safety,” Stephenson says.

The light of Christ shines brightly during these dark times. Keep hope alive in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine by supporting TWR broadcasts here.

Above all else, pray. “Pray for our staff; they are all, as far as we know, still alive. Pray that they could be witnesses and testimonies of the living God and that, in such a time of crisis, people can turn to the Lord in larger numbers,” Stephenson requests.

“It’s important we recognize that, above all of this distress and madness, the Lord is almighty.”



Header image depicts a building in Ukraine with significant damages from Russian bombings. (Photo courtesy of TWR)