Global instability hurts kid’s education chances

By December 15, 2022

International (MNN) — Instability worldwide is affecting access to education.

David Durance with TeachBeyond says even as the COVID-19 pandemic recedes in many places, other obstacles remain. “Of course, the parents are impacted. Of course, everyone has some influence, even here in North America, where I’m sitting. Inflation would be one thing. But then you go to who is being hurt most, it’s almost always the most vulnerable, and that is going to be the children in society.”

Durance says education is the most critical ingredient for healthy adulthood.


Durance cites the war in Ukraine as another big cause of instability. As refugees fan out across Europe, their kids often have no opportunity for schooling.

While living in London, the family across the street went through these challenges. Durance says, “Their parents had to go do work. What were their children supposed to do? They’re at home by themselves. Suddenly there’s this huge safeguarding risk, the instability of living in a country where if there is a problem, this child has no one to talk to.”

“The child only speaks Ukrainian or Russian, and there is no capacity to communicate with anyone in the neighborhood.”

Extremists might also target children who do not have access to education. Durance says, “We’ve seen that, for example, in Lesvos. We see these gangs around the areas in which these children are. They go to the young people, often young teenagers, and bring them into a place of belonging.”

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Header photo courtesy of TeachBeyond on Facebook. 

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