Global Outreach curriculum shared with other organizations

By November 18, 2008

USA (MNN) — Through training, The Mission Society equips
churches and other mission organizations to send missionaries into the world. One
organization, World Gospel Mission, has moved into the implementation phase of The
Mission Society's Global Outreach program. This is further than any other
organization has progressed in The Mission Society model. 

"We have received wonderful feedback from the churches where
we've teamed up with ‘The Mission Society,'" said Todd Eckhardt, director of Indiana-based
World Gospel Mission. 

In conjunction with The Mission Society, World Gospel
Mission has gone into six churches so far to demonstrate how the church is God's
vehicle to send missionaries out into the world. "The first reaction is ‘Wow,
mission organizations are working together,' and they are pleasantly surprised,"
Eckhardt said. "But it's not a competition.
Everything we do is for the Kingdom." 

The Global Outreach program is an extension of the Global
Outreach Weekend (GOW). A Global Outreach three-day weekend includes a six-hour
seminar on Friday evening and Saturday morning. The seminar provides a deeper
understanding of biblical principles behind the church's role in missions work
at home and around the world. It offers a new perspective on people groups of
the world, and participants are challenged to greater involvement in outreach.

The seminar is designed for members of the congregation, as
well as church leadership. A Global Impact Celebration is designed specifically
to mobilize the entire congregation for missions outreach. It personalizes
missions through interaction with cross-cultural workers and hands-on involvement
with missions' projects.

"This has truly changed the focus and direction of the
church," says Rev. George Howle, senior pastor of St. John's United Methodist
Church in South Carolina. "We have learned that missions adds to and vitalizes
a church, and GOW and GIC give the local church a way to see how they can
become so directly involved in missions and a real part of it."

The Mission Society has reached out to several other missions-sending
organizations, including OMS International, Serving In Missions (SIM),
International Teams, and more. "By working together, we can cultivate even more
churches and help more unreached people in the world," said Dick McClain, Vice
President of The Mission Society Ministry Operations.


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