Land needed for crowded Nepal orphanage

By November 18, 2008

Nepal (MNN) — Space is an issue at a Vision Beyond Borders orphanage in
Kathmandu, Nepal. Currently there are 57 children crowded into the small
building, and Vision Beyond Borders hopes to raise $150,000 to purchase land and
build a new structure to house the orphans. Out-buildings will also be constructed
and used for vocational training. To date, the organization has raised $50,000
towards this goal. VBB hopes that with the larger facility, more orphans can
be rescued from the streets of Nepal.

Cyclone Nargis orphaned 60,000 – 80,000 Myanmar children this spring. A VBB contact in Myanmar built four children's homes with donated funds and
expanded an already-existing children's home by adding a new dormitory. Some
churches were inspired to fund the construction and sponsor the children. Church members were given the opportunity to travel with VBB to the home
they sponsored in Myanmar.

Through their Vision for Children program, Vision Beyond Borders matches the
needy children of Nepal with sponsors. Many of the children that VBB cares
for were abandoned on the streets of Kathmandu. Others are ethnic minorities,
and some were born to handicapped parents who are unable to care for them. Left
alone in the streets, these children would fall prey to slavery and child

Vision Beyond Borders ministers the love of Christ to these children and
matches them with a sponsor who can pay for their needs, including schooling. The
cost for public schooling in Nepal can be over a third of most families'
income; some areas have a 70-80% illiteracy rate as a result. Funds provided
through the child sponsorship program are directly used in a child's education,
needs and/or his orphanage. If you'd like to sponsor a child, click here.

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