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By February 23, 2011

International (MNN) — If you regularly frequent Mission Network News, you hear about the mission field a lot.

You may give your money to missionaries, pray for ministries, or read stories from the field, but have you ever wondered what the day-to-day programs really look like? Have you ever wanted to talk face-to-face with someone who has been personally affected by the efforts you have helped to support?

Bright Hope International is giving you the opportunity this year to go behind the scenes and see how missions works in areas where people make less than a dollar a day. Especially for those who have followed Bright Hope in the past, this could be an opportunity of a lifetime.

Three trips–one in March, June, and July–will be taken to India, Kenya and Zambia respectively, each with a slightly different focus. Participants will see firsthand how Bright Hope brings hope with economics, education, and the Gospel.

If you're an advocate against human trafficking, the trip to India could be the one for you. On this trip, which is actually led by Bright Hope president Craig Dyer, participants will head to Calcutta to see how ex-prostitutes have been transformed by Bright Hope's ministry. You will also explore the issue of trafficking and its solutions in Northern India, visit pastors, and even see the Taj Mahal. This trip is soon–March 3 to 13–so contact Bright Hope right now if you are interested, or the trip could be filled by the time you do.

If the education realm–of kids and adults alike–piques your interest, consider a trip to Kenya. In Kenya you'll visit Bright Hope schools, see how vocational schools are providing job training, and even meet with a representative from the U.S. Embassy to explore ways to accomplish more. Learn more about this June trip here.

If business or pastoral care are more of the mission field you would like to explore, a July trip to Zambia could be a good option for you. In Zambia, participants will sit in on micro-loan group meetings, talk directly with those who have benefited from the loans, and visit the businesses started as a result. Visitors will also get to meet pastors in the area and discuss the role the church has played to improve the communities. Find out more when you click here.

These trips are excellent ways to get a better grip on how God is working across the globe, to meet Christians from other cultures, and to strengthen your relationship with the Creator. Click here for all three of the trips, or call Bright Hope for more information: (224) 520-6100.

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