God answers “yes” to prayers for Mission Cry shipment to Liberia

By April 4, 2024
Mission Cry Liberia shipment delivery

Liberia (MNN) — They made it! 

Last November we shared a story of a surprise encounter between Mission Cry and a music ministry. They discovered they could partner to bring the gospel to Liberia through two very different means: books and musical instruments. That story left off with a Mission Cry shipping container packed full of these resources, waiting to be sponsored and shipped.

Mission Cry, Liberia, distribution

Photo of Liberia shipment distribution courtesy of Mission Cry.

Jason Woolford with Mission Cry shares the good news that the container has arrived safely with no delays in port. 

“Now, not only do people have medical equipment, not only do they have musical instruments, but they have the only thing that doesn’t return void, and that is the word of God,” Woolford says.

You can watch the video of kids and families receiving the musical instruments by clicking here: “Thank You Mission Cry.” Woolford says distribution of the Mission Cry Bibles and books has already started to churches, prisons, and Bible schools.

Pray for protection for the Mission Cry team, their families, and on-the-ground partners. Their work spreading God’s Word comes under direct spiritual warfare. 

The very real devil hates what we’re doing. We’re sending the Word of God, God Himself through the Bible, to people around the world who could have never got one or afforded it,” Woolford says.

In some places around the world, distributing Bibles can cost a person their life, their business, their safety. (Read one story from Pakistan last year.)

Finally, consider partnering with Mission Cry in this critical work. Woolford shares that they have three containers ready to go, fully packed. All they need are sponsors to send them overseas. 

“We can send a container filled with half a million dollars’ worth of free Bibles and Christian books for $11,000,” Woolford says. 

Click to learn how you can prayerfully partner with Mission Cry to equip the Church around the world. 



Header photo of Liberia shipment distribution courtesy of Mission Cry.



Thank You Mission Cry

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