God meets every need of New Life Academy in Orissa

By July 6, 2010

India (MNN) — Since December, we have been updating you on
the plight of the New Life Academy in Orissa, India.

Living in a community of mostly Hindus, the Christian couple
who runs the school was informed by their Hindu landlords that their lease
would be shortened and end in April, forcing them to find a new building for
their school and orphanage.

"Orissa is a state in
India that historically has been very unfriendly to Christians," said Scott
VanderKooy of Worldwide Christian Schools, partners of the academy.

New Life Academy previously had wanted to build a new school but did not have the funds to do so. Now forced into this predicament,
they needed to come up with funds, a location for the school, and figure out all
the logistics–all in less than seven months.

As WWCS got the news out, people responded immediately. In
March, just a month before the lease was up, God had provided all but $5,000 of
the entire $87,500 needed for the building.

Today, the New Life Academy–which will also include an orphanage
and ministry center–is becoming a reality as God has worked in the hearts of
donors and has provided all of the funds.

VanderKooy said it is only through God they have been able to
achieve so much in the last several months: "When you think about the
process of raising funds, finalizing a plan, and then securing the local labor
to build it, from a human standpoint it's almost insurmountable."

All they need now, VanderKooy said, is to complete
construction, which should finish in the next 30 days. Then they can begin to outfit
the school with the supplies needed for operation.

Once that is complete, it will be time to celebrate: "Dedication likely will take place sometime in September. We're still working on firming
up the dates … and it'll just be a great time of rejoicing," VanderKooy

Many of the individuals involved in the project over the past
several months will gather to thank God for all He has done.

Once the new school, ministry center and orphanage open, New
Life Academy will be reaching more children with the message of Christ than
ever before. But these kids will not be the only ones benefiting from the
academy, as they plan to reach out to the surrounding community through various
ministries. The building will stand as a symbol of hope and God's
faithfulness: "This is just another reminder to all of us [of] what God
can do and that we're not to allow the human blinders to slow the work of God,"
VanderKooy said.

WWCS can still use your help to outfit the school with the
necessary supplies and also to support them in their other schools around the
globe. Click here to help.

Pray for the finishing touches on the school to be completed and for God to bless New Life Academy even before it opens its doors.

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