Staff Conference to refresh refreshers

By December 1, 2010

USA (MNN) — Last year at Urbana 2009, over 16,000 students met in St. Louis, Missouri to be revitalized in their faith and to catch a glimpse of God's mission for their lives and the world. A year later, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is sending staff members back to St. Louis to take their turn at growth and mission focus.

InterVarsity staff members have worked for years as missionaries to college students across the United States. InterVarsity staff help disciple young believers, help to reach out to seeking students, and ultimately work to bring God glory to university campuses.

Staff of course have a built-in support system through InterVarsity, but some have more company than others based solely on the size of college campuses. For those who minister to small private schools, they are constantly pouring into others with few other staff around to pour back into them. Ministry can get discouraging, issues can be difficult to navigate, and students' questions can be hard to answer.

After all their hard work for the sake of the Gospel, these leaders could use a break. With that in mind, every three years InterVarsity hosts a triennial staff conference to revitalize and refresh those faithfully moving forward with the Gospel.

The next staff conference will take place from January 5 to 9, 2011. Staff will meet in St. Louis to worship, study Scripture, attend seminars, and pray for college students. Staff will get a chance to share stories and meet with other InterVarsity workers who share their passion for bringing the Gospel to American youth.

InterVarsity has seen a record number of students coming to faith in Christ over the past few years, helped in no small part by dedicated and exemplary staff. Pray that this conference will renew the passion and urgency with which InterVarsity staff approach ministry.

If you or someone in your life has been touched by InterVarsity's ministry, consider praying throughout the month of December through the January conference for the staff and students connected with it. Find more prayer requests here.

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