God moves amid crisis in Lebanon

By August 8, 2022

Lebanon (MNN) — Tales of need and despair abound in Lebanon. The currency has lost 90-percent of its value since 2019, and more than 75-percent of the population lives in poverty. More Lebanon headlines here.

Yet, hope remains. God is moving, and hearts are changing amid Lebanon’s desperation. “We have seen a ripening of hearts,” Pierre Houssney of Horizons International says.

“So many people are open to the Gospel. We’ve seen genuine spiritual thirst.”

As traditional barriers crumble, people open up to the hope of Christ. One man in Beirut, who worked at a prestigious real estate company, asked if Horizons could help him. “He very shyly asked me where he could sign up for a food portion because he works on commission and has no salary,” Houssney says.

“That’s unheard of in Lebanon. People are so proud of their rich lifestyle, and they would never admit they need help.”

Horizons workers visit with children at a refugee camp.
(Photo courtesy of Horizons International)

Two Catholic women met an evangelical believer one day in a nearby village and formed an unexpected friendship. After a two-hour visit, the Gospel worker invited the Catholic women to a discipleship course at Horizons’ center.

“In the past, traditional Christians like Orthodox and Catholics would be very reticent to get involved in any kind of evangelical activity because they viewed us as a cult or like a Jehovah’s Witness type of group,” Houssney explains.

“Openness to the Gospel has been just off the charts for Christian background, as well as Muslim background people in Lebanon.”

Find ways to partner with Horizons International here. Pray nonbelievers find the hope only Christ can offer. According to His will and purpose, ask the Lord to intervene on behalf of His followers in Lebanon.

“Amid any crisis, people need leaders… pray God would raise up leaders after His own heart, and give them a vision for serving their communities – even when they are the ones deeply in need,” Houssney says.

“While we rejoice for the spiritual fruit, we also have a great sadness because so many people are in despair.”



In the header image, Lebanese believers lift their hands to the Lord during a meeting. (Photo courtesy of Horizons International) 

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