God is moving in Nepal

By September 22, 2014
(Photo courtesy World Mission/Greg Kelley)

(Photo courtesy World Mission/Greg Kelley)

Nepal (MNN) — This seems like a dismissible number — .6% out of 1000.

But before you dismiss it, consider this: according to the Joshua Project, .6% of Nepal’s nearly 30 million people are Christian. Out of 337 people groups, 328 have never heard about Jesus. That totals around 28,694,000 out of 28,922,000 people. Joshua Project says 82.2% of the population are Hindu and 10.2% are Buddhist.

That’s a lot of people who don’t know Christ and who have never heard about Him.

But thanks to work done by World Mission, the number of people who have heard about God is growing.

Greg Kelley of World Mission is in Nepal where they are distributing digital audio players of the Bible called The Treasure.

He says, “I’m standing here in the mountains of Nepal just literally in awe of the natural beauty of this place– it’s amazing. And yet I think of the spiritual condition, and the contrast is so alarming.

(Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

(Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

“Most people who do research say that nine out of ten Nepali have never heard the name of Jesus. And on this recent trip with World Mission, we had the opportunity to meet people who through the influence of The Treasure became followers of Jesus and have even planted a church here, all in the last twelve months. And so, it’s exciting to see God moving in Nepal.”

World Mission believes in the guiding power of prayer. Will you pray for God to lead them to people whose hearts are ready to receive the Gospel?

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