God’s Word has Strengthened Hope for New EU members

By February 23, 2007

International (MNN) — Romania and Bulgaria's entrances into the European Union are a "double-edged sword" for ministry.  Bible League ministry in these Balkan nations
has hope for more good than bad, though.

The New Year gave two reasons to celebrate for both nations, as they were accepted into the EU at the beginning of this year.

Bible League sees many benefits to this new union.  Bible League's Director of Central and Eastern Europe Ministries, Rev. Robert Martin, said, "Our ministries in Bulgaria and Romania will now have better access to printing and transport of printed materials from Western Europe."  Imported Scriptures will be taxed less and see lower customs costs. 

They will also be able to have freer flowing personnel across borders in Hungary and Romania.  "This will allow us to reach more people in the country's Hungarian-speaking minority, especially in the Transylvania region," explained Martin.

Bible-believing churches are already arising because of the increased ease of moving west.  Martin hopes that revival will happen because of these churches being salt and light to Western Europe.

There are also a few downfalls of the EU for Bible League.  Not only are there laws that limit the spread of the Gospel in the highly secularized region, "Wages, taxes, and cost of
goods all go up in the EU," Martin said.

Leaders in Romania and Bulgaria express excitement about the membership.  Romania's president described it as an "enormous chance for future generations," while Bulgaria's leader said it was a "heavenly moment."

Bible League has been in Romania for 14 years and Bulgaria for 12 years.  Last year alone, these two countries reported more than 104,000 Bible study completions and saw 13,250 new
church members.

You can learn more about Bible League or give to their ministry by visiting their Web site.

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