Iran’s Political Volatility Not Hindering Spiritual Growth

By February 23, 2007

Iran (MNN) — As Iran continues making news, defying the United Nations regarding its nuclear program, the Iranian people are spiritually hungry. Iranians are turning to Christ. President of Open Doors USA Carl Moeller says it's reminiscent of a spiritual light.

"I would like to suggest that the light is coming from the fact that God's spirit is moving in the underground believers, the secret believers in Iran, and the church is growing there at a rate…well some describe it as truly phenomenal- like a revival," says Moeller.

Moeller says if the church can look past the politics of Iran, thousands there can come to Christ.

Moeller reports that a co-worker was able to view communication between Muslim leaders and their friends.  He said the message from the leaders was: "We must stop the flood of Bibles coming into Iran, into our villages, because they're making Christians out of our villagers."

As the church grows in Iran, and elsewhere, believers crave more resources- especially Bibles.  Though many would describe this area as mostly closed, the people are reaching out any way they can.  Moeller says, "The church, when it grows, is hungry for food, just like your children.  When they're hungry they come ‘Mom, give me something to eat. I'm really hungry.'  And, what the believers in Iran are seeing is a Holy Spirit lead revival that is hungry for the Word of God, hungry for the teaching that they can get from Christian ministries in the west."

Despite media reports that Iran is a radical monolithic state, there is increasing dissatisfaction among the people.  "How the world is seeing Iran now is not how they want to be seen," said Moeller.  "The people of Iran are desperate for the reality that is found in Jesus Christ.  They are open and they are willing."

Open Doors has sent more than one million Bibles to Iran in the last four years through complex projects.  Moeller refers to this as "God-smuggling." 

"I can tell you this, that flood of Bibles, as the Iranian Muslim leadership is calling it, is not going to stop and is not going to go away.  We're just asking Americans to get
involved and to get part of that flood of Bibles," said Moeller.  It costs only $4 to deliver one Farsi Bible which is small enough to be hidden.

The greatest request of Iranian believers is for prayer.  Learn how to pray specifically
for them at Open Doors' Web site.

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