God’s Word permeates the homeland of COVID-19

By December 31, 2020

East Asia (MNN) — Today ends 2020, a year of uncertainty, unrest, and – surprisingly – achievement. God’s Holy Spirit is moving in the homeland of COVID-19 and territory previously sealed off from Christian witness.

John Pudaite of Bibles For The World describes unexpected blessings in East Asia: “In China, for example, we were able to distribute over 300,000 gospels of John and 15,000 Bibles in 2020. The strongest requests were coming from Wuhan, the ‘[ground] zero’ of this pandemic,” he says.

“We had requests for over 30,000 gospels of John from the churches and the Christians in that area (Wuhan). They said, ‘so many people are coming to us and searching for truth in this crazy time.’”

China’s ‘war on religion’ is relatively well-known. See our coverage here. Praise God for making His Word available to people seeking truth! Pray these individuals will come to know Jesus as Savior.

Gospel opportunity

China isn’t the only “difficult” nation where God’s Spirit is moving. As described here, all open Protestant missionary work in Vietnam ceased in 1975. Today, many Christian groups spring into action as doors open for Gospel work.

(Graphic courtesy of Bibles For The World)

Bibles For The World announced a new program earlier this year. Pray new outreach in Vietnam will flourish. “Pray for boldness for our partners there; pray for wisdom and discernment,” Pudaite requests.

“Our big Christmas festival had to be postponed to next year. But local indigenous partners have gone ahead and done some smaller Christmas events; over 150 [people] came to know the Lord.”

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Bibles For The World strives to be a catalyst for individual and cultural change through Christ and the power of His Word. This year’s calamities may have altered some ministry plans, but could not disrupt the mission.

“The Gospel will not be quarantined, and the Holy Spirit cannot be locked down. We’ve seen that over and over again in these countries where we’re working.”



Header image courtesy Bibles For The World via Facebook.