God’s Word proves powerful in Kenya

By May 8, 2023

Kenya (MNN) — A recent visit brought joy to believers in Kenya’s remote communities.

(Photo courtesy of Kenya Hope)

“This year, we’ve been able to bring more Bibles than we ever have at one time,” Joy Mueller of Kenya Hope says.

Mueller’s team recently distributed dozens of audio Bibles in rural villages. The solar-powered devices are “a great way to get God’s Word into the hands of people who are illiterate,” Mueller says.

“It’s a tremendous evangelism tool to reach people.”

Kenya Hope works alongside local church partners to meet physical and spiritual needs. More about that here. In one location, believers recently witnessed the power of God’s Word.

“We’ve been working with another group up by the Ethiopian border, and this [location has] a pretty heavy Muslim presence. Last year, Muslim missionaries came from Saudi Arabia to go around these communities and encourage them to follow the Quran, et cetera. [In] every mud hut, they [heard] audio Bibles proclaiming the Word of God,” Mueller says.

“They finally got discouraged and left, [saying] ‘This village is a lost cause. They’ve already converted to Christianity.’”

Kenya Hope can only provide these audio Bibles with help from believers like you.

“We’re excited to see the Bibles getting into so many hands and languages. We’re praying that God’s Word, as it’s heard, will not return void,” Mueller says.




Header and story images courtesy of Kenya Hope.