God’s work to change lives of lowest in society

By August 24, 2006

Zambia (MNN) — There’s a lot of Christianity in the African country of Zambia. But Marci Hoover and her husband Bill, serving there with Christian World Outreach, say that the Christianity is quite shallow.

And that’s why they’ve been there four years investing in a twofold ministry, says Hoover. “The Zambian people have heard the Gospel. They’ve heard it over and over. The problem is they’ve never seen it lived out. They’ve never seen someone really be compassionate and loving toward them all the time and seeing people trust Jesus through their own trials and problems. So it really, in our opinion in Zambia, comes down to living out the Gospel and not just speaking it.”

And that’s what CWO is doing, reaching out in practical ways to those suffering and those considered lowest in society, the ‘mini-bus call boys’ who help call passengers to the busses and quickly load them. Hoover says in the three years they’ve been investing in these men’s lives, God’s been working. Bible studies, a new church and meeting practical needs have displayed the love of Christ and provoked change in the lives and practice of the call boys.

“The changes we have seen in these men have just been absolutely incredible,” says Hoover. “We have seen that the Holy Spirit and the Lord is just really changing their heart, they are becoming compassionate men. They are stopping their drinking; they’re stopping their use of drugs, and stopping their criminal activities. And so we’ve been really encouraged by the changes in their lives.”

The Hoover’s outreach also includes educating people about HIV/AIDS. They’re working together with local believers to continue the impact. Continue to pray for the many needs in Zambia and the ongoing work of Christian World Outreach.

If you would like to help financially support this work in Zambia, contact CWO using their information listed below.

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