GoGlobal 1Day campaign invites Church to be inspired, informed, and involved

By June 27, 2018

International (MNN) – We have days set aside to pray for the Persecuted Church. We have initiatives focused on reaching those who have never heard the Gospel. And, we have awareness days for groups of people in need of justice. But all of these movements point towards a bigger, grander day. The day when Jesus comes again.

Jerry Meadows of Global Disciples says there is something we Christians need to do to prepare for that day. He brings our attention to something Oswald J Smith said about Jesus coming again:

“We talk of the Second Coming; half the world has never heard of the first.” – Oswald J Smith

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That is why Global Disciples is running their GoGlobal 1Day campaign—a day asking people to pray, share, and give towards reaching every last person with the Gospel.

Meadows explains, “You know, at first glance, you would think it was a giving campaign. And actually, I think it’s a sharing the heart of God campaign—the heart of God for the lost. So, praying, and sharing about God’s heart for the lost, and giving are all part of this campaign.”

GoGlobal 1Day is meant to draw the Body of Christ into being an active part of the Great Commission.

“We want to help church leaders and group leaders really involve their groups or congregations, and especially the next generation,” Meadows says.

He believes that in order for Christians to be an effective part of sharing the love of Jesus, it’s imperative that they are inspired, informed, and involved.

“When we tell a mission story and we simply inspire people, it’s hype and it doesn’t last long. It can lead to disillusionment. People are very interested or intrigued in how God’s working around the world, but they don’t know how to be involved. That really doesn’t activate the heart of God in our congregation. If we inform them, that can actually be a bit boring. Information without inspiration is rather boring.

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“But both of those—information and inspiration—with involvement, leads to transformation.”

GoGlobal 1Day encourages groups of people, be it full congregations, men’s and women’s groups, or even children’s groups to join together and learn more about the people who are without knowledge of Jesus.

“Then they can actually do something together, use their own gifts and their own skills, their own interests, to raise funds and raise awareness and raise intercession for the least-reached people of the world.”

Last year, 1Day encouraged people to donate an entire day’s wage to Great Commission efforts. This year, they’re still encouraging people to do that if they want. But they also have a list of other ways groups of people can raise awareness, prayers, and gifts.

GoGlobal 1Day is on September 7. But really, Meadows says, people can participate on any day. In fact, the resources are available until October 1.

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“It’s not kind of one day of giving or one day of interest or prayer for the least-reached. We need 365 days a year where our heart is towards the least-reached in the world. But this is the one day where we’re noting our hearts are there with the Lord, and the one day we’re working towards when every person on the planet will have heard the Gospel.”

To begin your GoGlobal 1Day journey, head to the website and learn more about this movement and the people who are at the center of it.

“And then form that group,” Meadows says. “Don’t do this alone. And don’t see it just as a giving campaign. See it as a prayer campaign and a sharing campaign and a giving campaign.”

To learn more, register, and find ideas for your GoGlobal 1Day, click here.

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