New CEO named, Geof Morin to lead Biblica

By June 27, 2018

International (MNN) — On August 31st, Geof Morin will officially begin his position as Biblica’s new CEO.

New CEO Announced

Biblica’s new CEO, Geof Morin (Photo Courtesy of Biblica)

The search for a new CEO began nine months ago when Biblica’s CEO at the time decided to step down. Since then, God has been moving to bring Morin to Biblica.

Ironically, Biblica’s Stephen Cave met Morin last October. A month later, Cave spent a couple days with Morin as part of a task force for the ministries the two worked with.

“I got to know [Morin] well…I said to him at the time, ‘You know, we’re looking for a CEO and you maybe have the kind of skills that we need’. And he laughed and looked at me as if well, you’re even crazier than I thought that you were,” Cave recounts. “But it’s really interesting that here we are seven months after that.”

Finding Morin

Biblica’s team is scattered across the world because the ministry is a global organization. This means having leaders who are culturally aware and have experience working with people from various places geographically. These boxes are checked for Morin.

Furthermore, Morin is very strategic, has a background in communications and marketing, has experience in starting ministries geared towards younger people, and he’s an ordained minister who’s worked with church planting projects. But, that’s not all that qualifies Morin to lead Biblica into its 210th year of ministry.

(Photo Courtesy of Biblica)

“He’s been with the American Bible Society for the last 11 years. So, that means he knows the world of Bible ministry. He’s just passionate about the Bible and bringing the message of the Bible to people,” Biblica’s Stephen Cave says.

“His experiences with American Bible Society and then also the work that the different Bible societies share together (the ETEN initiative; Every Tribe Every Nation) means that Geof knows about Biblica. He already has some understanding of our broad ministry and also our specific ministry. So, he will bring just an amazing combination of gifts into our organization.”

Be Prayerful, Be Active

Please, pray for this season of transition at Biblica. Pray for Morin’s integration into a position of leadership at Biblica, for those under his leadership to adjust well, and for Biblica’s staff to welcome Morin’s fresh perspectives. Also, pray for the ministry’s ability to discern God’s direction, its work with ministry partners, and the American Bible Society as it says goodbye to Morin.

Pray for Morin and his family as they make the transition to a new job and move across the United States. Ask God to help them with the move and the life adjustments that come with it; like finding a new church, a new rhythm, and a new tribe of people. Pray also for their process of selling and buying a house as well as their kids’ transition from one school to another.

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