Going out into the community to share Christ

By November 29, 2013


USA (MNN) — How often have you thought about reaching out to those in your community, especially people who don’t speak your language?

Flip Amon with The JESUS Film Project has a campaign going on this season called Our Family to Your Family. Flip Amon from JFP explains, “The campaign is designed for Christmas outreach, specifically to neighbors. So a church might make the DVDs available to their church members to hand to a family friend or neighbor. And particularly we are interested in reaching the ‘nations among us;’ we call them immigrants here in the United States.”

Specifically geared to reach people whose main language is not English, the DVD is translated into 24 languages. Amon says, “People are most open to the gospel at Christmas time more so than any other time during the year, including Easter.”

Amon says, “We find that the majority of people personally handed a gift like that will watch the DVD for two reasons. One, because it’s Christmas time and this is a Christmas story. And secondly because it’s in their language.”

This Christmas campaign is not just confined to the United States. “We have all the languages available. So whether it’s this particular DVD or a custom DVD we need to make, we can use this in any country, anywhere around the world,” Amon states.

Amon is happy with the amounts of DVDs being sent out. “There are already 141,000 DVDs that have been shipped out, and they tell us that they are being ordered at about 20,000 per week right now.”

You and your church can join the campaign on reaching out to the “nations among us.” Giving the DVD presents opportunity this Christmas season, and you’ll have a chance to evangelize those who don’t know Christ. To get involved, click here.

Pray that this campaign will catch like wildfire here in the United States and continue around the world. Pray that Christ will be known to many more this Christmas season as we celebrate His coming into this world.

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