Good news from Syria

By June 19, 2020

Syria (MNN) — It’s easy to think of Syria as the country of bad news, but the Holy Spirit is on the move, even during COVID-19.

Between civil war, a refugee crisis, and a tanking economy, Syria has become a bland headline full of bad news best skipped over. Even the word Syria brings dusty rocks and destroyed buildings to mind for readers in the West.

But Jane from the prayer ministry Cry Out Now says God has been moving in some really exciting ways. “There was a group of people that felt this is the ideal time to have extended times of prayer. A group of people started to gather together daily to pray for a breakthrough in Syria. Over the last two months, they prayed together a total of 260 hours, worshiping, interceding, listening to God, and really trusting God for a major breakthrough.”

Jane is excited to see what the results will be from all this prayer. “I have been encouraged by this network and… how their hearts are burning for the nation of Syria.”

The Holy Spirit is doing amazing things in Syria! (Photo courtesy of Cry Out Now on Facebook)

Reaching Syria through social media

It’s not just people inside Syria who are longing for the Gospel to transform the country. Jane tells of Christians in a nearby country who connected with Syrians over programs like WhatsApp.

The Syrians lived in a hard-to-reach area, Jane says, but, “Through connecting via WhatsApp, studying the scriptures together, [and] praying together, four guys within Syria have come to faith already. These four are connected with others. At last count, there’s a total of 28 people currently within this area that are engaging with the scriptures, that are reading and studying. Not all have come to faith yet, but all are on a journey of discovering who Jesus is.”

Jane has been praying for this area for years, and she is very excited to see the Gospel reach it in this way. The Holy Spirit used the COVID-19 lockdowns to foster communication that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.

Jane encourages Christians to be excited about these developments. Pray for these four new Christians as they navigate their new faith. And pray, along with this network in Syria, that the Gospel would flow freely over the country, covering it with the hope and healing of Jesus Christ.



Header image is a representative stock photo by Iyad Al Ghafari via Pixabay.

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