Gospel workers eager to reach Africa for Christ

By November 22, 2021

Zambia (MNN) — It’s an exciting time to follow Christ in southeastern Africa. “I want your listeners [and readers] to know that the Lord is working,” Helen Williams of World Missionary Press (WMP) says.

“God is moving, and there’s more work to be done.”

Last month, Williams met with dozens of pastors and Christian leaders at a conference in Zambia. “There were directors from South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, the whole area,” she says.

World Missionary Press partners with Every Home for Christ to supply local leaders in Africa with Scripture booklets and other tools for ministry. Williams says that these believers “couldn’t say enough” about how much the material and WMP’s partnership meant to them.

“Several [leaders] said, ‘We couldn’t do what we do without it, particularly during this pandemic.’”

The growing African population will undoubtedly lead to a growing worldwide influence for African churches.
(Photo, caption courtesy of World Missionary Press)

“This is Africa’s time.”

Traditional door-to-door evangelism didn’t work well due to various lockdowns and restrictions. Believers took a new approach to reach people for Christ.

“They found so many different ways: putting [the material] together with food supplies, sending it through the mail, getting involved in community events, and having the material available,” Williams says.

Each leader had a different approach, but the responses were the same. “The (spiritual) hunger they’re [seeing]; there’s an energy to do the work because the doors are open, the hearts are open,” Williams says.

“The sense of these African leaders [is] that the Spirit is moving; this is Africa’s time.”

WMP is preparing massive production efforts to meet their partners’ growing demand for resources. “We have to print about 25 million booklets [for] 20 different countries in Africa,” Williams says.

“I’ve got orders on my desk, and we are moving our production up [to focus] on projects for Africa.”

Find your place in the story

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“There is one specific prayer request I’d like to pass on. There is a shortage of paper across the industry,” Williams says.

“We need a certain paper to do our booklets, and the paper shortage right now is a real issue for us.”

Plus, “there are the challenges of getting shipments sent out because of the supply chain crisis,” she adds.

WMP provides all of its Scripture booklets and other materials at no cost to those who request them. God prompts the hearts of individuals, churches, and businesses to share their resources when ministry needs arise. See giving options here.



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