Great Crate scheduled to skirt dock delays

By July 6, 2009

Haiti (MNN) — A Great Crate is on its way to Haiti, following up after a mission trip. Christian Resources International recently spent two weeks in the country with a
team of seven.

"An added second blessing will be that there are a lot more resources on their way that will be distributed even after the completion of our trip," said John Lowrey of CRI.

Despite current back-ups in the docks, Lowrey said CRI has hired a company to help get the shipment to its destination. The team works out of Florida and makes deliveries directly to the ministry to whom the crate is being sent. That means CRI's Haitian contacts will not have to go through customs procedures in order to receive the crate. 

While in Haiti, Lowrey and the team, along with local churches, visited orphanages, spent time with the boys who live these, and provided  physical labor for several projects. They also visited several churches where they distributed Bibles. 

Lowrey said he heard encouraging news about Haiti's political situation.  "Some of the reports I received in country are that the new president is a better man with a better vision. I
don't know if he is a Christian man, but he is certainly much more open, evidently, to Christianity in the country."

Even though the country seems to be getting back on track, Lowrey says the daily lives of the people are still a struggle. He requests prayer for those who live hand-to-mouth, for those who practice voodoo, especially for the government leaders. Pray that believers in Haiti will be strengthened and will grow in their faith. 

Pray also that the Great Crate will arrive without any delays.

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