Growing Kenyan Christians

By May 21, 2015
Joseph is partnering with CRI to bring God's Word to Kenya.  (Photo courtesy CRI)

Joseph is partnering with CRI to bring God’s Word to Kenya.
(Photo courtesy CRI)

Kenya (MNN) — Remember that Kenyan Christian we told you about last month? He just graduated from Moody Bible Institute, and he’s starting a training/distribution center in Nairobi.

Executive Director Jason Woolford says Christian Resources International (CRI) is helping on the distribution end.

“We’re getting the Word of God to people that will change them for all eternity,” Woolford states.

At the distribution center, “Pastors, leaders, those seeking to know who God is, can come and get the Word of God absolutely free.”

With your assistance, Kenyan Christians and their leaders can grow in their faith. Click here to help CRI send its first shipment of Bibles and Christian resources to the new center in Nairobi.

The first container is expected to set sail on July 6.

“I’m asking that people will pray and seek after God, but also do,” Woolford says. By sending CRI your gently-used Bibles and Christian books, you can become a “book missionary.”

Or, you can help by sponsoring one of the CRI containers that’s headed for Kenya. Sponsoring a container, Woolford explains, ensures that 35,000 people will receive the Word of God.

“It’s not what we are doing at CRI, but what we’re helping and enabling those that are listening to do…. Become ‘Book Missionaries’ and send God’s Word around the world,” he says.

(Photo courtesy CRI)

(Photo courtesy CRI)

The new training/distribution center is coming at an important time in Kenya: Islamic terror group al-Shabaab is trying to grow its footprint in East Africa.

On Tuesday, Kenyan authorities reportedly shut down several social media accounts being used by al-Shabaab to recruit young people. Last month, terrorists attacked a Christian university in Nairobi and vowed via Twitter, “Kenyan cities will run red with blood.”

Pray that the new training/distribution center will help Kenyan Christians spread the Gospel and grow in their faith. Pray that they will not be led astray by the teachings of Islam.

Ask God to use the free Bibles and resources supplied by CRI to grow His Kingdom in Kenya.


  • Dear Servant of God mr Jason Woolford ,

    My prayers are with you as you start this mission of spreading the word of God through provision of Bible and resources may God bless you migthly.

    I would like to partener with you sir, please advice .

    Best regards,


  • Anonymous says:

    Dear brother Jason,receive greetings frm pastor washingtone ,am highly interested in the work you are doing(distributing of bibles to needy christians),we have Bible resource centre in rural western part of kenya ,distributingchristians handout and ready work with you.pass greetings to all in christ.Pastor washingtone (0727920170)

  • Kevin Cox says:

    Hello from Kevin Cox in West Palm Beach, Florida & in behalf of Ronald Kogo of Nairobi, Kenya. ([email protected]).

    We have launched this site to make quality Christian reading & studying materials available to Kiswahili speakers.

    We are also much in need of Bibles, Study Tools & books to train and teach new believers and pastors.

    Ronald teaches public school children during the week and trains pastors on Saturdays. He is also the pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Kabiria.
    We welcome any assistance in translating sermons, books, etc from English to Kiswahili. Ronald is doing this alone at this time.
    Kevin manages the site–posting the material Ronald sends almost daily.
    Blessings in your most needed work!

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