Haggai Institute training influencers

By October 31, 2013

USA (MNN) — What if there were an organization that identified people who are already leaders in their community for evangelism training? What if there were an organization that provided the training for free, as long as these individuals could get away for 25 days to get that training? Would you pray and support them?

Well, guess what? There is such an organization, and it’s called the Haggai Institute.

But there is a problem.

Haggai Institute multiplies the impact of Christians worldwide by carefully selecting proven, credentialed leaders and giving them unparalleled training that equips them to impact their world with the message of Jesus.

Magda Van Der Walt is a trainer with the Haggai Institute. “We bring them to venues here in the U.S. and other places. We train them for 25 days. And the rationale behind that is really bringing them out of their comfort zones.”

Van Der Walt says that as leaders are trained with other key leaders from around the world in evangelism. “These people go back [with] a commitment to train 100 others in their countries with influence.”

What types of people are getting involved in the training? Van Der Walt says, “We have judges, attorneys, we have kings and queens. It’s very important for us that the people we influence are people with influential impact. Back in their countries, they’re already proven leaders.”

What’s the problem? There is a waiting list. Van Der Walt says, “There are some who wait 4-8 years. There are those where the process is just much easier and the visas are available, and if funds are there, they can come for immediate training. Right now we have a pool for 9,000 who are ready. We just need to be able to accommodate them.”

The $12,000 needed for training is well worth it, says Van Der Walt. “It’s for the 100 [people] he’s going to teach, or she’s going to train, and the 100 they will be training. Many of our alumni have trained 5,000-7,000 people.”

Van Der Walt says those being trained are strategically selected. “We have alumni in countries that some people at this time cannot go, which are really closed. However, we have alumni there who came for training and are currently working and duplicating their training in their countries. There are people who have paid with their lives.”

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  • I have applied for Haggar Leadership training on the recomendation of arch Wilson Osikoya from Nigeria for quite a long time without a positive response yet, but I sponsored myself to last year training in south Africa at Bosco center, thank you for your kind consideration for the international traing.

  • Khalid Masih says:

    Dear in Christ!

    I am Khalid Masih, living in Abbottabad, Pakistan, running a Private school Name “New Age Academy & Christian Boarding House, Kakul Road, Abbottabad – Pakistan., at the post Principal. I want to attend the Haggai leader ship training. Please let me know about your criteria etc.
    God bless you all.

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