Haiti faces another crisis on top of natural disaster.

By October 14, 2004

Haiti (MNN)–Haiti is being pulled in two different directions, visiting clamity on disaster.

The country is wracked with political violence in the south, on top of flooding in the north. Recent outbreaks of violence in the Haitian capital and elsewhere have claimed nearly 50 lives.

Backers of ousted President John Bertrand Aristide have been staging violent protests and killing detractors and policemen. Their demand for his reinstatement could destabilize a government already faced with crisis.

Now, the U-S State Department has cut off travel to Haiti. Because of the danger facing Americans in the south, the travel warning was issued.

That is problematic for hurricane-wracked Gonaives, if outside aid stops. Much of the humanitiarian coming into the north was U-S based. Whether or not the travel warning will prevent more from coming in is a concern.

For locally-based minsitry, the dilemma poses a difficult prayer need.For Haiti with Love’s Eva DeHart says, “I don’t know how this is going to play out because most of the trouble is in Port Au Prince and the only way that Gonaives can be reached is from the south. All the roads from the north have been washed out.”

For Haiti staff continues to offer what aid they can, but the geographic destruction prevents much more than food relief. With so many starving to death, DeHart says many of those who need the help can’t even walk to the relief stations that are running.

With the trouble to the south threatening to spread, DeHart is keeping an eye out. Right now, she says, the trouble hasn’t reached the in their ministry in the mountainous north.

However, she says, “The longer the unrest goes on, the tighter the reigns are on the efforts to help them, but we can’t get through those mountains to get to Gonaives either because the roads are all gone. Pray that things calm down and that somehow or other there’s a reign on this terror thing that’s going on.”

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