Haiti outreach moves toward resuming ministry

By February 1, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Even as aid
trickles into what remains of Port-au-Prince, quake survivors are leaving in
droves.  Many are leaving with nothing
but the clothes on their backs and heading for what used to be home.

The International Christian
Development Mission (ICDM
) is gearing up to provide relief and support to
alleviate the strain on resources in Gonaives, Bayonnais, Cap-Haitien and other

ICDM's director Yvan Pierre says,
"We've got to be helping the people
to find water, food shelter, and also continue to have our children to go to
school so they can start being children again." 

The business of getting back to
normal means ministry workers are helping to bury the dead, comfort survivors,
and provide water, food and shelter. Hatian residents will also need spiritual and mental
counseling to help them recover from their trauma. ICDM leaders are being mobilized to care for

Taking stock of the ICDM situation,
there was good news and bad news. While
the School of Evangelism building was flattened, the students and staff made it
out alive, though everything inside the building was lost.   

ICDM has their hands full
rebuilding the School of Evangelism; they were hoping to resume
classes within a month. What's driving
their urgency? The spiritual outcry is
going up from all corners of the city. 

Pierre explains: "We
have been praying for renewal for Haiti, so this is a good time of renewal–a
time of harvest." They were
ready: prior to the disaster, ICDM
trained 3,800 Christian leaders and pastors for ministry. 

Recovering from the damages in Haiti could
take years. ICDM's long-time
ministry partner, Rev. Jules Boliere, reports that all the children in that
school and orphanage in Cite Soleil are safe. The girls' dorm collapsed, but
none of the girls was in it at the time. The church and school buildings are
still standing.

Pastor Jules' house in Turgeau
also collapsed, but his house near the airport is still standing, and all
of the children and caregivers housed there are safe. Some of the pastors affiliated with his
Pilgrim Mission lost their church buildings.

Among the priorities for ICDM: accept children into the school, reinforcing
the food program, replace lost school supplies, and provide recreation and
games for the traumatized children (soccer balls, swings, etc.) and feed
roughly 700 displaced children.

You can help with financial
support. Pierre also asks for prayer: "Pray for our ministers there that they would continue to preach
and to reach out to people with the love of Christ." Click here for details.


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