Ten Brazilian evangelists will sit under Tippit’s mentorship

By February 1, 2010

Brazil (MNN) — Over 1,500 pastors and church leaders in Brazil made commitments to prayer and renewed hearts after Sammy Tippit led a revival conference for the Brazilian Baptist Convention.

Initially Tippit spoke to pastors "to try to enable them and help them and equip them to do the work that God's called them to do." But by the end of the conference, Tippit had solidified a plan for a new sort of outreach.

"I'm going to bring together ten young emerging evangelists from the nation of Brazil," explains Tippit. Tippit will mentor the young evangelists, training them in what he has learned and what they need to know to become the new evangelical faces of Brazil, and even South America.

Since Brazil is becoming a significant economic power in the world, one of Tippit's challenges to the ten will be to raise their own support, nationally rather than from the U.S. or other Western nations.

"Probably the greatest challenge will be to teach them and train them in how to build a financial base for the work of the evangelist because they're not used to doing that," says Tippit.

Regardless of the challenges, Tippit is excited for this new opportunity. He will be implementing this same sort of mentorship program in four other countries in which he has already established relationships and credibility. He hopes to train up evangelists so that within ten years they will not need to rely on international help in that area.

The Brazilian evangelists who will sit under Tippit's teaching have yet to be chosen. Pray that the Lord would guide Sammy Tippit Ministries in choosing the ten Tippit will train. Tippit suggests that when all is said and done, this new generation will bring many to the Lord.

"In the next ten years, we can see a whole new generation raised up that will reach their own country, and not only their own country, but can be a sending force into other countries to reach them for Christ."


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