Haiti school recovery effort prompts call for help from ministry

By November 12, 2008

Haiti (MNN) — Haiti has been struck by one disaster after another this year. 

In the aftermath of multiple hurricanes comes a deadly three-story church school collapse Friday in Petionville that killed nearly 100.

Rescuers will soon demolish the remains of the La Promesse building after it became clear it was unlikely they would find any more survivors. The decision puts an end to the grim hope that any more would follow the four survivors pulled from the ruins.

President Rene Preval has made several visits to the disaster site and blamed the collapse on constant government turnover and a general disrespect for the law. Millions live in slums filled with squalid homes and poorly constructed churches and schools.

Neighborhoods tend to rise up quickly, and building codes are often ignored. However, police arrested the school's owner late Saturday and charged him with involuntary manslaughter.

A partner with Bethany Christian Services in Haiti says they're trying to help with the funds that are needed for burial expenses in the community.  

According to Bethany's partner, God's Littlest Angels, the Mayor of Petionville Lydie Parent says funds are needed for hospital care and burial expenses for the children. Most families struggle to come up with the money for schooling for their children, so they will not be able to afford medical care for the children who survived nor can they afford to bury the children who did not.  

Their purpose is to help the children of Haiti and spread the Word of God to those they serve. Pray for healing to come and for the ministry team to be able to share hope. Please continue to pray for the surviving families and children, many of whom are severely traumatized.  

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