Haiti: unrest spreads beyond Port-au-Prince

By October 11, 2022

Haiti (MNN) — Gang violence and unrest in Haiti have spread beyond the capital, Port-au-Prince.

Christian World Outreach staff encountered blocked roads while traveling near Cap Haitien on the northern side of the island. Greg Yoder says, “People are upset with the insecurity, the lack of fuel, which is causing transportation issues, food shortages, and things like. People are upset with the government.”

Things have gotten so bad the Dominican Republic is building a border wall to keep Haitians out. Yoder says, “The Dominicans look down on the Haitians. They get lower-class jobs if they do cross the border. They work in the cane fields and things like that.”

Health challenges

Aside from the violence, many Haitians now have to deal with a water shortage after blocked roads slowed deliveries.

Health officials have reported a cholera outbreak in the country, a disease often contracted by drinking contaminated water. Cholera killed 10,000 Haitians after the 2010 earthquake.

How to pray

Yoder asks readers to pray for Haiti. “Pray good leadership will come into place and that they can get things turned around there. You can always help by donating, especially to our feeding program. With food shortages and businesses closed, people can’t buy the things they need.”

You can donate to the ministry here.

Pray also for the safety of CWO staff as they travel around the country. Yoder says, “One of the things I heard this week is that the main road to where our feminine training center is in Port-au-Prince, there were barricades on that road itself.”

Ask God to reveal the heart of Jesus through the dedication of the CWO staff.



Photo courtesy of Kelly on Pixabay.