Haiti victim needs shift away from trauma

By January 29, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Medical teams continue to stream into Haiti,
but at this point in the relief effort, the need for emergency trauma and
surgical care is not what it was. 

Erin Card with CURE International says they're also moving into
the next phase. "We're transitioning toward post-operative care. CURE
continues to mobilize teams of doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and
nurses, in particular, to go in on a weekly basis." One of the challenges in providing
post-operative care for more than 100 patients a day is the lack of nurses.   

The ministry has already sent in 90 medical personnel to
meet the emergency. CURE helped Haitian Community Hospital in Petionville
re-establish and restore basic management systems. After that, the medical team set up six
operating rooms and has performed approximately 500 surgeries and set 3,000
fractures as of January 27, 2010.  

According to a United Nations assessment team, the CURE site
has the best run operating rooms of all the hospitals in Port-au-Prince.  

To keep that momentum moving forward, Card says they're
coordinating the arrival of medical supplies and will continue to bring in
additional surgical teams in the days to come. "We have teams lined up for
the immediate three weeks and are working to continue to have at least a team
a week, if not two teams a week, through April."

CURE also mobilized teams of chaplains and pastors to help
with the spiritual trauma of this crisis. "We do encourage them, in the name of Jesus, to know that God is
with them. He has not abandoned

The spiritual director of the Dominican Republic CURE
Hospital, Pastor Samuel Reyes, says, "We visited most of the patients at the
hospital, and everyone was happy to receive prayers and the message of hope
from the Bible. I felt God's presence at all times; the people were showing
tears, smiles and thanks for the time we spent with them."

Pastor Reyes' next steps include meeting with a group of
Haitian pastors and believers in the D.R.
who are able and willing to spend days in Haiti doing spiritual ministry.

Funds can help them do much more. Click here to find out how you can help.

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