Haiti violence erupts as election results announced

By December 9, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Supporters of losing candidates in Haiti's general election took to the streets, following the announcement of the election results. Yesterday, protesters set fires and manned barricades in the streets of Port-au-Prince as election officials announced government-supported candidates Mirlande Manigat and Jude Celestin will advance to a runoff in presidential elections.

Popular carnival singer Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly came in third, just 6,800 votes behind Celestin.

Eva DeHart with For Haiti with Love says it took just hours for the riots to begin. "Now, my staff can't get to the clinic. And when there are riots, there are injuries, and we're not going to be able to help the people. They can't get to them to distribute the food either. They've ordered all the vehicles off the road. The only moving vehicles down there right now are the UN and the police."

DeHart says the people are angry about the perception that outgoing President Renee Preval hand-picked the outcome. "The general consensus is that the ballot boxes were stuffed, and the people that they voted for were not announced. The population feels like they wanted a specific set of people to make a total difference in the government, and that's not who [Preval] said won."

Some had suggested that the announcement would be delayed until December 20. The violence is putting children at risk. DeHart says, "They're in the middle of exam week. If they had waited until the 20th, the kids would have had their exams finished and could have stayed home for Christmas break. They've already had two weeks that they couldn't go to school because of riots."

For Haiti with Love's testimony will shine through, despite not being able to help right now. "They know that we'll be there when we can get there."

While the violence continues, DeHart is asking people to pray. "Pray for rain because Haitians don't like to get wet. If we could have a really hard rain, it would drive everyone back into their homes."

While For Haiti with Love can't help right now, they will be helping as soon as the situation allows. They need funding to get supplies into Haiti. Your gift of any amount will allow them to touch hearts and lives physically and spiritually.

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