Haitian goverment puts the kabash on an evangelical demonstration

By November 25, 2003

Haiti (MNN)–Most of Haiti is too poor to do much celebrating on the nation’s upcoming bicentennial.

Their bid for freedom came during France’s occupation, where the nationals were said to have dedicated their country to Satan in return for independence.

Their freedom won, many of the people exchanged one slavery for another. Two-thirds of Haiti’s eight million people are said to practice voodoo.

Earlier this year, Haiti’s government officially sanctioned the faith as a religion, allowing priests to legally perform baptisms and marriages.

Believers are trying to counter with prayer and evangelism. However, Assist News reports the Haitian government recently withdrew its permission for a major Christian event, November 18th. Evangelicals had planned to hold hands and pray across the country.

The government’s official statement indicated the proposed gathering was contrary to the official policy and plan to dedicate the country to the Voodoo spirits.

In spite of the government’s decision, believers did meet together in prayer across the country and plan to try the “hold hands and pray across the country” celebration again December 7.C

Christian leaders have also laid out extensive plans to call the Haitian nation back to God and dedicate the country to Christ on January 1rst. That is the specific date of Haiti’s 200th anniversary of independence from France. Please pray for evangelistic efforts and those involved at a time when spiritual warfare is increasing.

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