New leadership in the Republic of Georgia could help ministry.

By November 25, 2003

Republic of Georgia (MNN) — We begin today in the Republic of Georgia where protests have ushered in a new government. A “velvet revaluation” forced the resignation of President Edward Shevardnadze, allowing Nina Burdzhanadze (boord-yu-NAHD-zah) to take power. Elections are planned within 45 days.

Bob Hoskins with Book of Hope says their Georgia work hasn’t been easy. He says, “The distribution has been slower than in some countries because of some opposition in the Orthodox church.” Hoskins adds, “There have been some radical elements in Georgia with in the Orthodox that have strongly opposed us. And, the appeals we’ve made to the government to help us in that situation have gone unanswered. So, perhaps the new government will be more sympathetic to what we would call a more democratic approach.”

100-thousand copies of the Book of Hope have been distributed, with 100-thousand more on the way. He says, “We have the Book of Hope in the Georgian language for all three age levels we try to reach.”

Hoskins still has another concern. “When you’ve got these various factions there’s always a possibility of civil war, which would make it very difficult for us. But, if the new leaders keep their promises and they truly establish democratic policy, eliminate the corruption, then I’m hopeful. ”

Prayer is needed now. “The economy is devastated, the people feel a sense of hopelessness,” says Hoskins. He adds, “Let’s add to that prayer list our team there. They have been physically attacked by these extreme fanatic elements.” Pray for their protections as they distribute the books and pray that the new government will allow them to do even more in the region.

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