Haitian pastors to gather for training and encouragement

By October 23, 2023

Haiti (MNN) — Pastors in Haiti shoulder many of the struggles and needs of their congregations. That’s why Christian World Outreach is excited that after a multi-year gap, its annual conference for leaders in Haiti is scheduled for January.

“They don’t get necessarily get away from ministry at all,” says Greg Yoder with CWO. “They’re always being approached for some kind of a need, or just even prayer, health issues, whatever it is, they go to their pastor.

“This conference is such a great way for them to get away for a little bit. It’s a conference where we can we can love on them.”

Photo courtesy of royharryman on Pixabay

At these leadership gatherings, pastors receive training in ministry, encouragement as well as a chance to relax and enjoy fellowship together.

“I wish I could take all of you there,” Yoder says, “to watch them and just see the laughter and how they they come together in little groups in between meetings and share with each other.”

Pastors bring food and money from their churches to provide meals for each other at the conference, but you can help cover their costs more fully.

“They do pay what they can,” Yoder says. “They participate in it as well, because they see the importance of it, so that they can go back stronger than they were when they left their churches, and encouraged.”

Would you consider giving to CWO’s Haiti fund? And of course, pray. Pray for an end to the gang violence gripping Haiti, and for the pastors and churches of the nation to stand firm for Christ in the midst of it.

“Pray that they have the wisdom to lead and the strength, the courage, even, to lead in times like these.”



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