Haiti’s food crisis crumbles into instability

By April 15, 2008

Haiti (MNN) — Aid organizations fear the food crisis could
further destabilize Haiti. Skyrocketing food prices led to deadly protests and
the ouster of the nation's Prime Minister.

The World Food Program is trying to raise $96 million for Haiti.
But that doesn't take the sting away from the fact that there are over 200
containers stacked up from just one of the shippers. That translates to thousands of pounds of
food that is rotting on the docks, held there by a paper logjam.

For Haiti With Love's Eva DeHart says hungry people are
desperate, and desperate people do desperate things. "They're breaking into private
warehouses. We now have professional
security at our headquarters because we have food there. You can't distribute it all when you don't
know when you're going to get your next supply. But the hungry people want it
now, so there are riots."

Nearly all food and global food prices have risen 40 percent
since mid-2007. But in Haiti, rice and
pasta prices have doubled, with a 50 pound bag of rice now costing For Haiti With Love $50 USD. Since
most Haitians live on less than $2 a day, such prices mean food is not something
to purchase. Rather, many are dependent
on humanitarian aid for survival nutrition.

The crisis means For Haiti With Love is going through their supplies
quickly. DeHart says even now, there are
ministry opportunities. "We got our
shipment of beans when we were down to ten bags that they could see. God came
through in time so that the doors are still open to show that God is providing,
and the people are getting the witness of that." It's as simple as
witnessing the hope that comes through faith in God.   

DeHart says they are still praying for enough funds to keep
. She asks prayer for the
starving who need the food. Pray for the
workers who are being asked to wrestle through the government paperwork. And
pray for the government to address the issues quickly.


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