Haiti’s fuel crisis and faith: “I’ve never seen people pray like Haitians pray for Haiti.”

By June 9, 2023

Haiti (MNN) — Fuel tanks in Haiti are dried up more often than not. All of Haiti’s fuel is imported, and various global and local factors have created the perfect storm for a dire national fuel crisis.

For years, the Haitian government struggled to keep up with payments for fuel imports. Then, their president was assassinated and the rest of the government was eventually gutted with no elected leaders.

Violent gangs basically run Port-au-Prince now and have taken over some of the major ports where fuel comes in. Inflation has also economically kneecapped the country. On the black market in Port-au-Prince, one gallon of gasoline costs around $30 USD.

Adding to national instability, an earthquake on Tuesday and flooding has displaced 13,000 Haitians and killed 50. And Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has put pressure on the global fuel supply.

(Photo courtesy of TWR)

We spoke with Kate Michel from Radio-TV 4VEH, The Evangelistic Voice of Haiti and a ministry partner of Trans World Radio (TWR).

Michel says, “For many organizations, [no fuel] meant their source of electricity was no longer available. Many of us have to use generators to operate, so things like hospitals and schools were closing down because they couldn’t function without fuel.

“Miraculously for us at 4VEH, we were on the air every day last year, and have been on the air every day this year too. We just see that as God’s hand on the ministry. There’s no way otherwise that it makes sense that we were on the air.”

4VEH operates out of northern Haiti, far from Port-au-Prince where much of the gang activity is focused. Their staff members and partners do need to be mindful of occasional safety threats, but ministry has continued and the Gospel is changing lives.

One impactful outreach is a live midday prayer program where Haitians can call or message their prayer requests.

“They’re praying, not just for themselves, but they’re praying for Haiti. I’ve seen people pray for their country before, but I’ve never seen people pray like Haitians pray for Haiti.”

Haitian family (Photo courtesy of 4VEH)

Michel says, “They’re looking to God…to meet their daily needs, to provide comfort, to heal, and to intervene in Haiti and to do what only He can do.”

Pray with Haitians for an end to the gang violence and for God to raise up wise and just leaders. Ask the Holy Spirit to soften hearts with the Gospel.








Header photo of Port-au-Prince neighborhood. (Photo courtesy of Heather Suggitt/Unsplash)