Haiti’s president will not resign

By January 1, 2020

Haiti (MNN) — Haiti has made regular headlines this year thanks to persistent demonstrations and constant unrest. Despite calls for his resignation, Haiti’s president recently announced his intention to remain in office until his term officially ends in 2022. And the battle isn’t just political; Haiti still feels the spiritual shadow of its Voodoo-focused past.

Helen Williams of World Missionary Press (WMP) sums it up with “The reports that we are getting are just the continual tremendous need.”

And yet, in the midst of chaos, the Church finds unity.

“There’s a working through the Church in Haiti and helping to establish the Church in Haiti,” Williams says. For their part, “We have a strong relationship with the Bible Society that provides us permission to print the Creole New Testament and help distribute it. We have a national coordinator. We have other ministries that go. We work with Feed The Hungry down there.”

New partnerships continue to crop up despite constant turmoil. WMP is working with new contacts, particularly in the Cap-Haïtien region, to distribute a new major shipment of Bibles and Christian literature.

After all, if hope can be found, it will be through Jesus’ enacted teachings of community, peace, and neighborly love. That’s why WMP provides topical verse studies and scripture booklets in addition to their Creole New Testaments.

All told, despite the consistent turmoil, there is reason for hope.

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“We understand that the churches are getting stronger in many ways, in different areas and with the activity that we see in so many different parts of the country, I’m very hopeful for the situation at Haiti, that the Lord is going to continue to work there and break that bondage.”

The Haitian Church needs global partners. Will you join their efforts to seek peace?

‘The nation of Haiti needs prayer. Just the whole nation. …there is unrest there and they need a stable government. They need opportunities, which is part of what the unrest is about, but we know that the Spirit can change things, so we just need prayer for the nation.”

Don’t want to stop with prayer? You could always support WMP directly by contributing funds toward their next shipment. Copies of the New Testament are expensive, as is their shipment, so any contributions make a larger difference than you may realize.

“We would pray that God would use all of that’s built up there… and that the church there would be pure, that it would be alive and that it would take advantage, if you will, of the offers and the material that’s there.”



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