Hamas wins parliamentary elections, Christians face certain persecution

By January 27, 2006

Gaza (MNN) — The first Parliamentary elections in 10 years have seen a resounding victory for the Islamist Hamas Party, clearing the way for the radical group to set up a new government. The Hamas victroy has many Christians on their knees in prayer, because their charter calls for the annihilation of Israel.

Jimmy DeYoung is with Shofar Communications and has lived in Israel for many years. “Hamas has come to power in the Palestinian Authority Parliamentary Elections with 76 seats, of the 132 seats, leaving Fatah, who had been the ruling political party in the Palestinian Authority with only 43 seats.”

It’s expected to take 3 weeks for Hamas to set up what’s being described as a coalition government of sorts.

DeYoung believes the Hamas victory was a direct result of one issue–Israel giving away their land. “You don’t give land to Hamas. They claimed victory. The people have elected them to power. They believe they are the only ones who can defeat Israel and gain back all the land that they claim was their state.”

MNN asked DeYoung what he thought would happen to Palestinian believers. “They have been under persecution from these Islamic fundamentalist groups. They’re going to come under intense persecution at this time.”

While the political situation doesn’t look good, DeYoung doesn’t believe it will stop the work of the church. “The only answer is Jesus Christ and I think they’re going to be on fire more than they ever have been before to spread the Gospel message among the Palestinian people, including the terrorist, which is exactly what’s needed this time in history.”

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