Bibles are in high demand in Cuba

By January 27, 2006

Cuba (MNN) — While a Christian human rights group reported recently of three protestant churches being closed in Cuba, others are reporting huge house church growth in that communist island nation.

World Bible Translation Center’s Dale Randolph just returned from Cuba. “I was amazed at how much the Lord is doing across the country. There are house churches springing up everywhere. And man, there is such a demand for the Bible, it’s astounding.”

World Bible Translation Center has produced an easy to read Spanish Bible and they plan to distribute 100,000 copies. “We have produced probably the most recent complete modern Spanish Bible, which is a great tool for their evangelism there. And, everywhere we went, there was a cry for Bibles. The people in the churches did not all have a Bible.”

According to Randolph, the house churches are a good indication of how many Cubans are turning to Christ. “The way that it’s spreading says to you that there are people turning to Christ. We went to one meeting, which was an evangelistic kind of thing that moves around and happens regularly and there must have been close to 50 people in this one little church that came to the Lord.”

100,000 Bibles won’t be easy. World Bible Translation Center could use your help, says Randolph. “I would love for people to pray for us to find the funding for it and for us to make the right decision as to how we going about getting them printed and shipped there,” says Randolph. It costs about $4 for each Bible.

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