Hurricane Katrina’s bite is still being felt by a Haitian ministry.

By January 27, 2006

Haiti (MNN)–For Haiti With Love is still feeling the pinch of Hurricane Katrina. 2005’s donations were “down” by over twenty thousand dollars–mainly funds diverted to the U-S Gulf Coast crisis.

While that doesn’t seem like a lot for bigger mission agencies, for For Haiti With Love, that equals two 43,000-pound shipments of Black Bean Splits, and countless opportunities for outreach.

Even with the drop in funds, FHWL was able to maintain all their programs without a drop in service. As it turns out, they had already shipped donated food packets from Feed My Starving Children and had already purchased and paid the shipping costs on 430 bags of black bean splits.

FHWL’s Eva DeHart says the funds were also in place for the completion of Pilgrim House #15. That’s now a witness on the mountainside showing God’s love to all.

If you’d like to help FHWL as they continue to reach out to the Haitians as the hands and feet of Christ, contact them at the information listed below.

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