Harsh winter in Moldova moves believers to action with an emergency supply drive.

By February 3, 2004

Moldova (MNN)–One third of Moldovan children younger than five are very poor. Add to that a death rate that was 13% higher than its birth rate in 2003, and there is a sketch of the troubles faced in that Russian country.

Increasing the burden are a harsh winter and a prolonged drought, both of which have wreaked havoc in personal and national economies. The picture is a struggle for survival.

Little Samaritan Mission’s Florin Pindic Blaj says the poor are unable to buy supplies needed to survive. Pindic Blaj says their ministry teams have a shipping container in Chicago waiting for an emergency shipment February 6. “[The] Department of State pays for shipping, so we’d like God’s children to buy the stuff because it will go for the orphans and for the widows. They have a heavy winter over there and I trust God’s people will take care and bring food and even new clothes like shoes and coats.” Non-perishable items are also requested along with toiletries.

This is where the work of LSM becomes essential. The agency has 85 full-time workers in the Republic of Moldova, Siberia, and Romania. Over 30 state orphanages depend on LSM to provide clothing, shoes, medicine, coal for heating, food items, hot water heaters, mattresses, and electrical generators.

Little Samaritan Mission shares the hope of Christ through many venues. Through these efforts, they’ve earned an identity, as an organization actively meeting the material needs of the children and the poor but also proclaiming God’s Word.

Pindic Blaj asks for prayer. “Pray for guidance from the Lord. I do not want to be moved by opportunities, by circumstances. I just want to fulfill His will and to provide strength for our leaders who are over there on the spot 24 hours a day, and [for] people in America to join us.”

For details on how to help, go to: www.littlesamaritan.org.

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