Recent bombing runs won’t stop outreach in Sudan.

By February 3, 2004

Sudan (MNN)–Daily bombing raids on villages in western Sudan, are killing hundreds of civilians and causing thousands more to flee across the border into neighbouring Chad only to find themselves part of a spiralling humanitarian crisis.

Humanitarian agencies find themselves unprepared to meet the needs of the 118,000 people seeking safety in the country.

The Sudanese government had negotiated a ceasefire with the region’s second main rebel group, the SLA, but broke down in mid-December after only three months, after which fighting escalated.

Open Doors USA’s Jerry Dykstra says their sources report Christians are taking their share of the damage. “More than ten Christian churches and a church-run vocational center in central Sudan were demolished within the past month or so. Even at some of the refugee camps, people have to be on the lookout.”

Dykstra explains that ministry to people groups fleeing the war becomes difficult as the people get scattered. However, he’s confident the whole of outreach will survive. “Open Doors is involved in Sudan, and has been for many years. One of our highlights of our ministry there is providing the pastors and church leaders in the south with training manuals, Bible studies, hymn books and also, literacy training.”

The action of Open Doors ministry includes delivering Bibles, training materials, physical needs and
other help to believers living in restricted countries worldwide. Open Doors’ calling especially includes
the training of pastors and church leaders in evangelism, equipping them to effectively proclaim the
Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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