‘Harvest of Hope’ catalog provides specific needs for those suffering

By December 5, 2008

International (MNN) — It is harder and harder to find the right Christmas gift for people in affluent societies. Partners International may be able to help solve that problem with their Harvest of Hope gift catalog.

Freelance writer Kay Strom wrote the book titled Harvest of Hope after following donor money sent to Partners International. "So many people complain about how their donor money is used, or not knowing how it's used," says Strom. As she tailed donations in India, Strom was impressed by its impact.

Strom recounts one follow-up with a dairy farm in India. "People donated cows for $300, and this dairy farm is doing so well that they're able to sell milk and support their own church planters."

Strom explains that this dairy farm in turn has a reputation for providing a quality product, showing the love and care of Christ in the precision of their work. Strom says this speaks volumes to Indian mothers who rely on uncontaminated milk to nourish their children, seeing that a farm run by Christians consistently supplies it.

This is only one of several examples witnessed by Strom, including the training of untouchables, or Dalits.

Despite all of the wonderful uses of donations she experienced, Strom is convinced that there is still a need for more.

"There is always a need for more people to help." Of course, many feel financial strains are too big to donate much, but Strom encourages, "There are things that are small enough for anybody to do." This includes gifts as small as $5.00 to provide medicine for a family in Vietnam.

Partners International's Harvest of Hope catalog allows people to specifically choose where their donations will go and for what it will be donated. Gifts range from church planter training, to food for a family, to musical instruments for a church. The catalog also has gift certificates donors can buy and give away, allowing the recipients to choose how to spend the money with a country or situation that specifically appeals to them.

If you would like to browse Partners International's online catalog to give a gift in someone's name this Christmas, click here and spread the spirit of giving.


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