Mumbai terror attack creates uncertainties

By December 5, 2008

India (MNN) — A fragile peace
exists between Pakistan and India in the wake of terrorist attacks last

Even while fingers are pointing
to an Al Qaeda connection from Pakistan, India's ruling Congress party will
likely feel the fallout.

Government analysts say their
response created an image of a weak government in the face of security
challenges. When the Congress Party faces an election in May, their inadequate
response to the threats could cost them power in terms of voter outrage. 

Meanwhile, airports in India went
on high alert once again, after receiving credible threats against the travel

Meadows with Worldwide Christian Schools says their team in the region is safe, but they are
rattled. "There's a palpable and
real fear factor in the hearts and minds of the common man in Mumbai, so that
rumors and stray and small incidents, practically anything, seems to unsettle
the average Mumbai resident."

Their schools continue to operate, but the
tension in the region is likely to push change on the government levels. "They ask for prayer for the city,
particularly that the Christians of the city will be able to reach out with
the Gospel, which is the message of peace and hope."

In the face of investigations and
terror warnings, Meadows says, "We could pray that Christians can be
influential in reforming and reshaping a stronger and healthier government in
India. That would do so much for
creating a better environment for India as a whole, as a place that we can
continue to reach out to."

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